United Children’s Food Bank of Israel utilizes many channels to accomplish our goal, getting help to where it’s needed most. We partner with many large food  manufacturers and distributors to receive their surplus food supply. Our trucks pick up thousands of pounds of food each  and every day and bring it to our warehouses where it is  inspected and repackaged for delivery to local chapters around the country.

On an average day our warehouses process thousands of pounds of food!

Our volunteers clocked a total of 47,000 hours of work this year, equivalent to 25 paid staff. 40 volunteers who are trained in food preservation and management work in our pantries all across Israel. Approximately 25 volunteers work to transport food with our trucks. Due to the fact that most of our employees are volunteers and most of the food is donated we are able to keep costs down.

It allows us to feed five hungry children for every $20 donated!